The Pines – A Model of Outstanding Child Care

New Horizons (NW) has quickly established itself as a beacon of hope and excellence in providing outstanding child care for children and young people with social, emotional, and learning difficulties, across the North West.

The Pines is a shining example of one of our homes, offering a nurturing environment for up to four children.

Their recent full Ofsted inspection has brought to light the exceptional standards maintained at New Horizons (NW). Achieving an ‘outstanding’ rating in all assessed areas, the home has shown marked progress since its last inspection in October 2022.

Oftsed Outstanding - New Horizons NW

Enriching Children’s Lives

At the time of inspection, three children resided in the home, each receiving tailored care and support. The home’s approach is deeply rooted in research and best practices, focusing on individual health needs, attachment, and trauma-informed care. Children have made exceptional progress from their starting points, buoyed by consistent and trusting relationships with staff.

Educational Support and Development

A notable achievement of the home is its dedication to the children’s educational needs. The team have gone above and beyond to ensure appropriate educational placements, resulting in remarkable progress for the children. This commitment is a testament to the home’s ethos of nurturing every aspect of a child’s development.

Safety and Protection

The Pines excels in creating a safe haven for its residents. Updated risk management plans and detailed behaviour management strategies are in place, ensuring that children’s risks are well understood and managed. The home’s environment is not only safe but also engaging, with recent improvements made in consultation with the children, like the expansion of the dining area.

Leadership and Management

The leadership and management at The Pines are a cornerstone of its success. The manager, appointed in September 2022, has fostered a child-centred approach. Staff are well-supported and encouraged to grow in their roles, embodying the ethos of the home in their day-to-day interactions with the children.

Continuous Improvement

Despite the outstanding ratings, The Pines remains committed to continuous improvement, with plans to enhance health and safety oversight in line with the latest recommendations.

In Conclusion

The Pines stands as a paragon of outstanding care in children’s homes, contributing significantly to positive outcomes and experiences for children in need of help and protection.

Working with and caring for children and young people is ‘more than just a job!’

At New Horizons (NW) we are passionate about ‘creating positive outcomes’ for all our children and young people, so staff support and development is crucial to providing the care that our children and young people need.

As an expanding business we are always seeking to recruit enthusiastic, driven and empathetic people who are looking to make a significant difference to the lives of children and young people living in residential care.

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