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Our staff team has vast experience in caring for, safeguarding and creating Positive Outcomes for the children and young people living in our homes. We provide a high trained, skilled staff team that have the knowledge and dedication to work with children and young people from the most severe backgrounds and help them create their own best possible outcomes and achieve their dreams.

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Abbie Rosenblatt | New Horizons (NW) Residential Child Care North West

Abbie Rosenblatt


Abbie has 11 years’ experience of running financially successful businesses. Abbie has guided New Horizons (NW) Ltd from its infancy to where it is today, she has been hands on with the growth of New Horizons (NW) Ltd and successfully lead the company to the next level. Abbie has a high involvement with the service provisions within the homes and has already identified several areas for improvement that will positively impact the running of our homes and benefit the young people and staff. In Abbie’s spare time she has 3 young children who keep her busy, but also plays netball and attends the gym regularly.

Tracy Smith | New Horizons (NW) Residential Child Care North West

Tracy Sucksmith


Tracy has experience working as a Business Development Manager dealing with local authorities and their commissioning teams. Tracy maximises business relations with quality and value to the care provided by New Horizons (NW) Ltd, also facilitates and negotiates tenders with the local authorities and forges excellent relationships with local authority commissioning teams. She also develops our on-line presence developing our website and social media platforms. In Tracy’s spare time Tracy enjoys spending time with friends and going on walks with her dog Dennis, who is also party of the New Horizons (NW) Team.

Natalie Waterhouse | New Horizons (NW) Residential Child Care North West

Natalie Waterhouse


Natalie joined the New Horizons team in May 2019, following working within the industry of residential childcare for the last 10 years. She started her career working with children with emotional and behavioral difficulties in a four bedded home progressing over time to opening a new home as the registered manager.

Natalie has spent the last 5 years as senior manager supporting managers to provide homes which deliver the best possible care and outcome opportunities to young people. Alongside this, holding a development role, identifying and opening new services which she continues to do within her role at New Horizons. Over this time Natalie prides herself in 5 homes achieving Outstanding gradings with Ofsted and has a keen focus to support homes to achieve this in the future.

Natalie enjoys spending her free time with her family and friends, she has a 4-year-old son ‘Max’ and a new addition ‘Alfie’ the puppy.

Dennis Smith | New Horizons (NW) Residential Child Care North West

Dennis Sucksmith


Working alongside my human parent, Tracy and her co-workers is fantastic for me, I get to meet all new people and don’t have to be at home on my own. I especially enjoy it when our fantastic staff are here for their training as I get to have lots more attention and the odd taste of their lunches.

I like to make the humans feel comfortable when they come to our head office, especially when they are here for an interview, as I think it makes them feel more relaxed and shows we are a friendly team to work for.

The best part of my job is when I go and see the children and young people we care for in our lovely homes, they are lovely to me and I bring a little smile to their faces.

Being a Pomeranian, my human parent does make me go and get my long hair trimmed every 5 weeks, it’s not my favourite thing to do, but I do need to look smart for the office.

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