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Project Description

Douglas House

Located in a quiet semi-rural residential area

The home is ideally located with parks, shops and leisure centre in the immediate vicinity. Douglas House has 3 bedrooms on the first floor, and can accommodate up to two young people at any time. Each young person will have their own bedroom.

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The third bedroom will be used for staff sleep-in room.. There is a bathroom with a bath and shower combined.
There is a living/ dining room, shower and w.c. room, a kitchen, and staff office / sleep in. Young people can meet privately with their visitors and there is also space available for private activities located on the first floor.

There is an enclosed rear and front garden which is maintained for any outdoor activities or relaxation time.
Young people are provided with adequate quantities of suitable prepared food taking into consideration their culture, ethnic, religious and dietary needs and wishes.


The young people also have the opportunity to shop and prepare their own meals and snacks.
 Young people are encouraged to take responsibility for the cleanliness of their own space and possessions. The necessary equipment, washing machines, drier, iron, and vacuum cleaner are available.
Young people are encouraged to exercise choice of clothes and personal requisites that they buy, pocket money can be saved and the young people may open a savings account if they so wish.

The Layout

David Molloy


Dave has over 15 years’ experience working with young people who have complex needs. Dave has worked both with young people and adults previously to working in residential care and previously Dave has worked as a prison officer. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family, geocaching and reading.

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