The Future Looks Bright

The future looks bright for a young person who has been in the care system for several years.

They’d had a previous placement breakdown, due to putting themselves in extremely vulnerable positions, but who are now absolutely thriving in our care, with their progress and attitude improving massively in recent months.

Personal hygiene (going from showering fortnightly to daily), progress in actually sleeping in a bed (this young person is use to sleeping on the floor due to not ever having a bed when in their family’s care, so this has been a long transition working towards this), not going missing from home (this was a daily occurrence beforehand) and attending social groups in the local community. 

Recently they have started going out into the community to hand out support packs to the homeless, as part of a project currently undertaken by the home, as the young person was very prejudiced and volatile towards people who are homeless previously. With a lot of key worker sessions and education we have come to a stage where this can take place, positively. 

We are so, so proud of the achievements they have made so far.

What a wonderful future they have ahead of them!

Manager – Douglas House.

The Future Looks Bright

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