Star of the Month

Aimee started at Beach House after being a beautician for 30 years, a fire eater and an actor, to name just a few of her skills.

She didn’t have any experience of working in a residential children’s home but came armed with a wealth of life knowledge, rolled up her sleeves and jumped into the job as though she had been doing it for years.

Her interaction with the young people was outstanding and they instantly took a liking to her, she came into the house with fresh ideas for activities and using her beautician skills she was soon holding classes for the children to learn the trade.

Aimee slotted into a very large staff team as though she had always been a member and was eager to learn all aspects of the job and the paperwork.

As Aimee had been self employed for over 30 years, the look of excitement on her face when she received her first wage slip was a joy to behold, and as she pointed out if she was still a beautician during the current crisis, she would have been struggling as she would have been closed down.

At the last staff meeting it was universally agreed that Aimee was the star of the month.

Well done Aimee, keep up the great work from all at New Horizons (NW).

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Aimee | New Horizons (NW) Residential Child Care North West

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