Police career path for one young person

When one of the staff at Beach House broke the law recently, they had nowhere to hide from the long (or short) arm of the law.

The staff member was arrested on suspicion of breaking one of Beach House’s top rules, ‘not smiling enough’.

This is what happened when PC Edwards of Merseyside Police visited Beach House, to meet our youngest resident, who wants to be a police officer when he grows up. PC Edwards allowed our young person to try on some of his kit and make an arrest of one of the staff, who he thought hadn’t been smiling enough.

Our young person was over the moon with the visit, learning lots about what it means to be a Police Officer, whilst having some fun at the same time.

The police play a big part in keeping our communities safe, and this is what our young person wants to do when they get older, keep their community safe. This is so inspiring coming from a young person from a difficult background, as they can often fall into bad ways if they are not given the right encouragement and direction when they are young.

At New Horizons (NW) we believe in nurturing, guiding and encouraging young people to make decisions for themselves, in all areas of their lives, including their education and career path. We believe this helps the young person to feel that their input is valued, which builds trust between the young people and the staff.

We would like to say a big thank you to PC Edwards and Merseyside Police, for making this possible and for taking the time out to offer support and encouragement to our young person, who was super impressed.

Thank you

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