Passionate About Training

Training and Development are things we are passionate about at New Horizons NW.

Delivering comprehensive ongoing training programmes for all employees provides them with the skills to support the children and young people in our residential care homes. Not only that, but it also helps provide a defined career path, to enable long-term staff retention.

Long-term staff retention is a massive benefit to the children and young people in our care, as it offers stability, which in turn helps them feel safe and supported. It is also a huge benefit to the company, as it reduces staff turnover, which left unchecked can be extremely damaging to our recruitment process.

One such training programme is delivered by Jo Wilson of Ignite Business Training, who we have been working with since 2018. Jo delivers a wide range of programmes, including the two that she most recently delivered for our staff in November this year, 2022.

Building High Performing Teams using the Belbin Team Role theory was a huge success with our Registered and Deputy Managers alike. We would like to thank Jo for her support in training our staff over the last four years and our teams for engaging with Jo, with the end result of delivering positive outcomes for the children and young people living in our care.

Ignite training passionate about learning

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