Old Vine House: Excellence in Residential Childcare

Excellence in residential childcare is not just a goal at Old Vine House; it’s a reality after achieving ‘Outstanding’ across all inspected areas in its first Ofsted inspection.

Oftsed Outstanding - New Horizons NWIn the picturesque setting of Old Vine House, nestled within the community, New Horizons (NW) has crafted an oasis of care and development for children with emotional, social, and learning difficulties.

This home sets a new standard, reflecting the unwavering dedication of its staff and management in children’s care.

Child-Centred Approach: The Heart of Old Vine House

The children’s experiences and progress at Old Vine House underscore the exceptional, child-focused support provided.

Excellence in residential childcare shines through the continuity of care and the individualised attention to each child’s needs.

This approach minimises stress and ensures a seamless transition into a nurturing environment, empowering children to feel valued and respected.

Educational Excellence: Beyond Academic Achievement

Education is pivotal at Old Vine House, where each child’s remarkable progress highlights the excellence in residential childcare.

The collaborative efforts with educational institutions ensure that children are supported academically, emotionally, and socially, showcasing the transformative impact of this care on their educational journeys.

Promoting Healthy Lifestyles: A Comprehensive Approach

Old Vine House’s commitment to promoting healthy lifestyles encompasses physical activity and nutritional education, embodying excellence in residential children’s care.

Staff encourage independence through practical life skills, fostering self-sufficiency and enriching the children’s lives beyond the home.

Safety and Protection: A Secure Foundation

The paramount importance of safety and protection at Old Vine House reflects the excellence in residential childcare.

Trust and respect form the foundation of staff-child relationships, with proactive measures ensuring a secure and supportive environment.

Leadership and Vision: Steering Towards Excellence

The leadership and management of Old Vine House are crucial to its success, demonstrating excellence in residential childcare.

The commitment to professional development and best practices in children’s care by the management and staff leads to outstanding outcomes and sets an inspiring example nationwide.

Conclusion: Excellence in Residential Childcare

As Old Vine House continues to exemplify excellence in residential childcare, it not only enhances the lives of its residents but also serves as a powerful model nationwide.

The dedication to creating a nurturing, empowering, and safe environment for children to heal, grow, and succeed showcases what is possible when passion and professionalism unite. Marking Old Vine House as a true beacon of excellence in childcare, highlighted by their ‘Outstanding’ in all areas Ofsted report.

New Horizons - Old Vine House - Preston - Ofsted Outstanding - Excellence in Residential Childcare

Working with and caring for children and young people is ‘more than just a job!’

At New Horizons (NW) we are passionate about ‘creating positive outcomes’ for all our children and young people, so staff support and development is crucial to providing the care that our children and young people need.

As an expanding business we are always seeking to recruit enthusiastic, driven and empathetic people who are looking to make a significant difference to the lives of children and young people living in residential care.

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