Field View’s French Fairy Tale

Our fantastic fun-filled adventure to La Rochelle, France.

The young ladies set off from Stanstead airport ✈ on a dull Monday morning to start their adventure ☁🌧

Having never been on a plane before, waiting in the queues did seem a little daunting at first but the excitement 😁 of going on a plane ✈ and then arriving in a different country was going to be worth it 🌍

When we touched down in La Rochelle it was so hot 38 degrees🌡 and there wasn’t a cloud in sight. That’s when the adventure began as we made our way through the alleyways to our villa 😎

On arriving we realised there was a house cat which was amazing because we love animals and made him part of our Field View family for the week 😻

Then we sat down and planned all our activities, as you can see, we did lots of different things. From trying new foods like quail and smelly French cheese 🧀 (to name a few) to watching dancing dogs at a traditional French circus 🎪🐶

We lounged on the beach 🏖 and went to a massive water park with tall rides which were scary, but we all tried them and conquered our fears 🏊‍♂️

We dined out in the evening and sat for a caricature 🖼 so we could put it on the wall when we got home 🏚

We went to a local market with traditional French foods like frog legs 🐸 and snails 🐌 but we settled on a box of new potatoes covered in butter, garlic, and salt, they were lovely 🥔

I think we can all definitely agree on one thing about our adventure we all liked the cakes, so many cakes 🍰🍥

As you can see, we all had a fabulous time and can not wait until our next adventure ❤

EP, MME & Team Field View 👊

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