Field View: A Beacon of Excellence in Child Care

One of our homes, Field View, has established itself as a paragon of excellence in child care, caring for children with social, emotional, and learning difficulties.

Their latest Ofsted inspection report, dated 5th and 6th December 2023, with Outstanding in all areas, paints an inspiring picture of a facility not just meeting but surpassing standards of child care and making a profound impact on the lives of children and staff alike​​.

Oftsed Outstanding - New Horizons NW

The home, designed for up to two children, offers a nurturing environment where children are not only cared for but are also flourishing. The emphasis on structured routines and boundaries has led to children experiencing stability, a sense of belonging, and impressive growth in confidence​​.

This environment has been instrumental in helping children make remarkable progress from their initial challenges, particularly in educational settings. One child, facing significant school challenges, is now thriving, a testament to the consistent care and excellent communication from the staff​​.

New Horizons’ approach to staff-child relationships is commendable. Staff members are highly skilled, and nurturing, and use a therapeutic approach to child care, creating an environment where children feel safe and valued.

This relationship-building extends beyond the home, with children now adept at forming friendships and engaging in community activities, further boosting their confidence and life skills​​.

The home’s staff are adept at understanding and managing the complexities children face daily. They focus on individual needs while fostering positive peer relationships. This approach has led to more positive interactions and a supportive, family-like atmosphere​​.

Additionally, the staff’s knowledge and implementation of safety protocols, including managing risks associated with internet and mobile phone usage, ensure children are safe and educated about technology​​.

A pivotal change since the last inspection has been the appointment of a new manager, who has brought a fresh perspective while maintaining the ethos of high aspiration and positivity in the home​​.

His leadership style, focusing on innovation and continuous improvement, has been crucial in enhancing staff performance and, consequently, the quality of care provided​​. This commitment is reflected in the staff’s ongoing development, with regular training sessions and an emphasis on understanding areas like trauma and sibling rivalry​​.

In summary, Field View stands as a beacon of hope and excellence. Its success lies not just in adhering to standards but in creating a culture where each child is seen, heard, and nurtured to reach their full potential.

The staff’s dedication and the management’s visionary leadership have collectively fostered an environment where children receive the best possible care and are prepared for a brighter future​​.

Congratulations to Sean and his team for their excellent achievement.

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