Amazing Response to Donations Request

Following our initial plea, and the amazing response, for donations to Freshfields Animal Rescue, the community, neighbours and local shops have all continued to support our cause and have kept collecting donations for us at Brook House. 

Because of this, we are very pleased to inform everyone that after continuous donations we were able to donate food to “Hope 2 Hounds” and “Alley Cats and Kittens” and we will also be donating to “Noah’s Ark Cat Rescue and Sanctuary.”

Our young people and staff at Brooke House are passionate about animals and are dedicated to helping them through these causes, and to see them get such a positive reaction from the public is so heartwarming. 

Such good causes. 

Well done to our young people for caring for our furry friends in such tough times we’re all very proud of you!! 

Many animal charities, such as Freshfields Animal Rescue and the others mentioned above, are currently struggling to find the money to buy much needed medication, medicated food and supplies for the animals that they care for and are asking people to help in any way they can to donate funds to them, during these uncertain times.

Amazing Response to Donation Request | Freshfields Animal Rescue

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