A Young Man’s First Holiday Abroad

It was a mix of 😬 excitement and 😬 nervousness at the airport as it was all new to our young man from Douglas House, for his first holiday abroad.

However, he reported “It’s not as bad as I thought it was going to be” 😊 when he got up in the air!

Upon arrival in France, Nia and Michael taught him to say 🙏 thank you in French, and to use this going through passport control, before getting a 🏎️ Tesla taxi to the train station. He was very excited to be in an expensive car!

When we arrived in La Rochelle, the ☀️ sun was shining so we all ran through the floor 💦 water sprinklers.

We then headed to the harbour and went to a traditional French restaurant for dinner. After putting 💻 Google Translate to good use we picked our food, pushing him outside his comfort zone, he ate 🦪 oysters, veal and chocolate pudding and enjoyed it all very much!

After dinner we walked along the harbour, taking in the views and watching some 🎭 street performers, before taking a leisurely walk back.

On the second day, we headed out to sea. It was very 🌊 choppy on the way out, which we found extremely funny as we got wet and we’re bouncing around everywhere. However, 40 minutes in it became calm and was such a lovely experience.

We stood on the side admiring the views and watching other water sports. We sat inside and took in the views and towards the end of the trip, we lay down on the nets at the front of the boat and our young man stated he felt extremely 😌 relaxed on his first holiday abroad.

On the last evening, we decided to all 👗 dress up as it was our last night and then headed to a seafood restaurant right on the harbour. The young man stated he wanted to push himself outside his usual comfort zone on his first holiday abroad, so he had a seafood platter and ordered oysters.

He enjoyed some of the new delicacies such as 🦐 prawns, 🦞 langoustines, 🥩 tuna steak and bits of 🐟 salmon, however some things we didn’t know what they were – he tried but didn’t enjoy.

This young man’s first holiday abroad was a completely new experience and to push the young man outside of his usual comfort zone is a huge achievement.

It is amazing to see him overcoming barriers and thriving. 😊

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