Education and Alternative Curriculum

All young people will be encourage to attend their education provision whether a local high school, special school or college. Whilst awaiting an appropriate provision being identified education will be provided within the home.

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Alternative Curriculum

Working in partnership with public and community sector youth organisations to deliver training, education and personal & social development outside of a formal classroom setting.

When young people leave school with few aspirations and fewer qualifications it doesn’t just impact on their life chances: it’s a huge problem for the school, community and society as a whole.

Our alternative curriculum programmes work with young people that are identified as being MOST AT RISK of leaving school with few qualifications and becoming NEET (Not in Education Employment or Training).

By targeting young people before they drop out of the system we can raise their self esteem and help them to create positive outcomes for themselves.

We use the environment to help re engage young people with education – both within their school setting and outside the usual education system.

Our Expertise

  • Minimise risk, severity and frequency of challenging behaviour

  • Anger management programmes / stress management techniques

  • Achievable steps which are praised and rewarded

  • Daily and weekly planning for consistency and stability

  • Mainstream and specialist education

  • Vocational training and placements for young people

  • 24-hour learning opportunities through activities, one to one sessions and team work

  • Self care and household

  • Cooking and promoting healthy eating

  • Financial & budgeting

  • Travel

  • Risk Management plans (RMP)

  • Rewards and consequences

  • Analysis of behaviours, triggers

  • Proactive to reactive behaviour support plans

  • Incident management plans

  • High structure environment (high staffing levels)

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